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On a daily basis companies produce thousands of documents and each one has a message to communicate. Producing these documents in an attractive and readable form helps the communication process but is of little use if it delays the information it is supposed to communicate. For the last ten years Solidus have worked with large and small companies implementing systems to enhance the flow of published information. Solidus provide a complete range of consultancy services from initial appraisal through to implementation and monitoring strategies to ensure your publications are produced as efficiently as possible. Our speciality is the application of Desktop Publishing to common business tasks such as catalogue production, sales and marketing reports, database publishing and the maintenance of complex documents.

Publishing Consultancy

Our clients include mainstream publishing houses and small publishers, local authorities and major financial institutions, as well as single-book authors looking for a friendly and reliable helping hand.

Publishing is a complex business, involving skills as diverse as typography and print production, marketing skills and design flair, in depth knowledge of the burgeoning world of digital print and online publishing, and the ability to plan large projects carefully and efficiently.

Go Britain Ltd has more than twenty years of experience in conventional book publishing, and has been using computer systems in design and production since before PageMaker and Ventura were born!

Among the many services we can offer are:

  • independent advice about expert publishing systems, including hardware and software support;

  • advice about the best ways for teams of writers, editors, design staff and production staff to work together on large publishing projects;

  • putting together teams of experienced freelancers to produce time-sensitive publications



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For more information or to discuss your requirements please telephone us in the UK on 01434 688834.


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