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In 1996 Solidus won 7 out of 8 first places in the International Lotus Newsletter Contest for a mid-sized Newsletter produced for a client. Solidus handled everything from initial concept through advertising and production to mailing the completed issues for world-wide distribution. Once the newsletter was established Solidus trained in-house staff who now handle the editorial and production duties. In 1997 the Centre for Arid Zone Studies brochure designed and produced by Solidus was a finalist in the World Design Contest held in Ottawa, Canada. Solidus provide specialist skills to help with the production of catalogues, timetables, books, booklets and other specialist publications as well as everyday marketing and sales reports that are both functional and attractive. If you have something to communicate then Solidus can help you to deliver the message in a timely manner.

Book production

If you need to produce a book then Solidus have the skills on call to help you deliver a first class product in a timely and cost effective manner. Solidus have been involved in a wide range of projects including the production of dictionaries, plant finders, catalogues, directories, philosophical, scientific, medical and engineering books, as well as everyday items such as restaurant guides and computer text books. These projects range from a booklet of a few pages to something as large as Burke’s Peerage - Millennium Edition which runs to a total of 3,500 pages, 2.5 million words and 103,000 index entries over 236 pages. With a network of editors, designers, indexers and translators Solidus are able to tackle any publishing project large or small.

Many publishing projects are extremely complex, and involve such a wide range of skills that many clients find it hard to know where to begin. Or it may simply be a ‘project too far’ for an already-busy publisher, who is looking for somebody who can take over a complete project in the knowledge that all the details will be taken care of.

Go Britain Ltd has an impressive track record of publishing project management, from single books to large-scale database management. Even if you’re not quite sure how we might be able to help, it won’t hurt to get in touch!

Among the many services we can offer are:

  • discussing a possible new project and producing a detailed briefing on the best ways to achieve the desired results smoothly and cost-effectively;

  • a wide range of training/editorial/design combinations to suit your precise needs;

  • a complete publishing package from concept to print/online publication

    Also, have a look at our recent projects portfolio and see the sorts of things we are currently working on!



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For more information or to discuss your requirements please telephone us in the UK on 01434 688834.


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