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Each day thousands of people turn to the World Wide Web for information, communication, sales and purchases. Not every company needs to be using the Web to promote, sell and support their products but every company must evaluate whether to invest time and money in the Web. Do you know whether your competitor are marketing on the Web? Do you know if there are new competitors encroaching on your market from overseas? Can you save money by marketing on the Web? Can you make additional sales via the Web? Are there new customers in the international market made available by the Web? Today it is possible to provide a unified interface across all areas of a company making sure that all aspects of promotion, sales and support conform to a company wide image. Now is the time to make a conscious decision whether to become involved in the Web or not. At Solidus we have been involved with the Web for several years and have helped clients develop integrated solutions for the promotion, delivery and sale of their products via the Web and traditional means. The Web is not the place for every company but if yours is one that needs to be there then Solidus are in a position to help you maximise the benefits.



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