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Corel Ventura Publisher Advanced Course


Customizing Options

Setting View Preferences

Customizing the Toolbar

Using Shortcuts

Using Backup Files

Working with Text

Inserting Text at the Cursor

Exporting Text Files

Tagging with your Word Processor

Using Type Assist

Finding and Replacing text

Working with Stylesheets

The Manage Tags Window

Merging Tags

Assigning Shortcut Keys to Tags

Working with Paragraphs

Managing Overrides


Auto Numbering



Special Effects

Working with Frames

Anchoring Frames

Creating Captions

Sizing and Rotating Frames

Sizing and Positioning Graphics

Controlling the Text Flow

Using the Editing and Drawing Tools

Working with Tables

Importing and Creating Tables

Formatting Tables

Controlling Space and Position

Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows

Formatting Cells and Borders

Long Document Features

Streamlining Navigator

Automating Headers and Footers

Chapter and Page Counters

Cross References

Footnotes and Endnotes

Table of Contents and Index

Variables and Conditions

Tips & Tricks

Alternate Mouse Button Secrets

Keyboard Secrets

Typographic Secrets

Library Secrets

Web Publishing tools

Publishing to HTML

Publishing to CSS

Publishing to Acrobat



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