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Corel Ventura Publisher MasterClass


Users upgrading to Corel Ventura Publisher will find this one day MasterClass ideal to get up and running with minimum fuss. This is not a hands on course but does provide detailed coverage of the new features of Corel Ventura Publisher and how they relate to the features existing users will have encountered. The course assumes a working knowledge of an existing version of Ventura Publisher and explains how to move documents forward, the differences in structure and operation, how to avoid common pitfalls, different working methods and provides tips and tricks so you get the most out of Corel Ventura Publisher. To ensure the coverage is exactly what you require sample documents and a background summary will be required. This enables the seminar to be tailored to attendees needs and the following summary is for guidance purposes only and will vary depending on the needs of attendees.

The User Interface

You will be introduced to the user interface and the different ways of customizing Corel Ventura Publisher to meet your needs and streamline your document production. We will explore the property bar, toolbars, the different view modes, the right mouse button, options and customize menus. At the end of the discussion you will have a good feel for the power available in the new User Interface and how you can customize it to your advantage.

Getting around Corel Ventura Publisher

You will learn how to best use the different elements of the user interface in combination to maximise your performance and streamline your productivity. Learn how to quickly get from place to place, learn how to add new items with ease and learn how to access a wealth of powerful features such as cross references, indexes, tables of contents, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts and page tags so that Corel Ventura Publisher is working for you rather than against you.

Corel Ventura Publisher features

We will look at the new and updated features of Corel Ventura Publisher and how these can be used to save you both time and effort in producing your documents. We’ll look at importing and storing text and graphics; applying page, paragraph, frame and character tags; creating and manipulating libraries; creating links and manipulating items inside and outside of Corel Ventura Publisher.

Bringing documents forward

Something of interest to all existing users is how their work will translate forward to Corel Ventura Publisher. Will it look exactly the same? How much work is involved in the change? Can text and graphics be reused? Is it worth upgrading? All these questions will be answered during the day and it is for this reason that we ask for sample documents and a summary of the work you are doing before attending the MasterClass. We aim to address your concerns and we will tackle the sort of documents you are producing in an interactive environment and together develop strategies for handling the documents you need to produce.

Who should attend

Anyone who has a working knowledge of Ventura Publisher and wants to move forward to Corel Ventura Publisher as quickly and easily as possible. The course is designed to be an interactive seminar catering to the needs of the attendees. It is attendee led and will cover the topics of most interest to those attending each seminar. For this reason we may suggest that attendees change course attendance dates so they are better matched with other attendees facing similar challenges as they move forward to benefit from Corel Ventura Publisher.



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