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Corel Ventura Publisher Introduction Course

This introductory course provides all the knowledge and skills you need to produce your first documents using Corel Ventura Publisher. The course starts from first principles and works through to intermediate level providing a good grounding in the skills required to utilise this powerful publishing package. It provides an ideal grounding for the Corel Ventura Publisher Advanced course provided by Solidus.


Getting Started

Exploring the Corel Ventura Publisher Screen

Publication Basics

Publication Structure

Opening and Closing Publications

Switching between Publications

Moving around Publications

Changing Pages

Viewing Publications in Different Ways

Creating a New Publication

Creating a New Publication

Importing Text

What is a Stylesheet

Saving a Publication

Formatting a Publication

What are Tags

Tagging Paragraphs

Tagging Frames

Tagging Pages

Working with Frames

Creating Frames

Selecting Frames

Moving, Copying, Sizing and Deleting Frames

Importing Pictures into Frames

Removing Files from Frames

Creating and Modifying Frame Tags

Working with Paragraphs

Paragraph Basics

Creating and Modifying Paragraph Tags

Special Paragraph Attributes

Rule Tags

Creating Special effects

The Manage Tag Window

Working with Text

Typing Text

Selecting Text

Deleting and Replacing Text

Moving and Copying Text

Changing Attributes of Selected Text

Inserting Special Characters

Inserting Line Breaks

Spell Checking

Creating and Modifying Character Tags

Working with Pages

Creating and Modifying Page Tags

Using Columns, Grids and Guidelines

Creating Headers and Footers

Formatting the Header and Footer

Using Fills and Outline Effects

Using Frames

Printing a Publication

Choosing Print Options




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